Getting Access

Research lab access is available to persons actively engaged in research in the CS Department. Students must be sponsored by a faculty member, who will be responsible to allocate any needed equipment and to oversee the student's use of lab resources.

  1. First open your CS department user account. This is done at the undergraduate lab at 730 Commonwealth Ave. Details are here.
  2. Have the faculty member sponsoring you (usually your advisor) e-mail your full name and your username to <>, requesting that your account be granted access to the research lab systems.
  3. If you also require physical access to the research lab, have your sponsor also send e-mail to Jennifer Streubel <>, including your full name and your BUID#, requesting that you be given card access to the lab area.

Your access should be ready within 24 hours. You will use the same account to log in to machines in the research lab that you use for all other departmental machines. Additionally, if requested by your advisor, your BU ID card should give you access to the research lab on the second floor.

You will have access to the departmental compute nodes, the workstations in the lab, and the rest of the research lab infrastructure. Be sure to check with your advisor to find out which machines he or she is authorizing you to use, as most of the machines in the lab are owned by specific research groups. There are a small number of workstations with "Open Seat" signs on them, which are available for anyone to use, and may not be permanently occupied by any individual.

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Updated on August 31, 2016