Video Recording Laboratory Setup

Here is a diagram of the lab setup:

The hardware we use consists of:

For frame grabbing, the PCs use the Bitflow RoadRunner software. For synchronized vide capturing by all PCs, we use IO Industries' VideoSavant software. One of the machines is designated as the "master" machine, and the other three are designated as "slaves". In order to capture a video sequence, we have to start the appropriate program on the "master" machine, and the appropriate client programs on the "slave" machines. Then, using the master machine we can specify how many frames we want to capture, and start the recording. The captured frames are stored on the hard drives in real time. With 64GB of hard drive storage available, we can record continuously for 60 minutes, at 60 frames per second, in all four machines simultaneously, at an image resolution of 648x484 (width x height).

Currently the four cameras are configured in the following way:

Click here to see some pictures from the lab.