What is PreDA?

"Preda" in Italian means "prey": the name recalls the idea of network traffic falling prey to routing predicates.

PreDA stands for Predicate Routing over DTN over MANET Architectures.
Predicative routing allows Delay Tolerant Network users to declaratively express high-level policy constraints on the routing of
content, e.g. direct all images captured by camera X attached to a MANET-only node S to DTN node B for pre- processing and
authorization before sending them to the user at DTN node C. In order to evaluate efficiency of the mapping between high-level
constraints of DTN nodes to low-level routing predicates within the MANET nodes for different use cases, we implemented a testbed.
This testbed uses a Linux system architecture with a User-Mode-Linux (UML) to emulate every node with the AODV routing protocol at
MANET level and with or without a DTN Reference Implementation code.
The network simulator ns-2 (ns- emulation version) is used to simulate the mobility of both DTN and MANET nodes.

User Manual

- User Manual on how to install the UML Testbed.


- [pdf] "PreDA: Predicate Routing for DTN Architectures over MANET." IEEE Global Communication Conference, Honolulu, USA 30 Nov - 4 Dec 2009.

- [pdf] "PreDA: Predicate Routing for DTN Architectures over MANET." Technical Report BUCS-TR-2009-012. March 31, 2009.

- CHANTS-2008 at Mobicom (3 pages paper for testbed DEMO).

- Globecom 09 Poster (pdf).

- Testbed Poster (pdf).

- Master Thesis (in Italian) of Gabriele Ferrari Aggradi.
   Advisors from Boston University: Flavio Esposito and Ibrahim Matta
   Advisors from Universita’ di Firenze: Tommaso Pecorella and Romano Fantacci
  Presentation (in italian).

Predicate Routing Code

- The version of the testbed showed at Mobicom '08 is here.


Flavio Esposito
Gabriele Ferrari Aggradi
Ibrahim Matta