A Network Resource Mapping Service For
Distributed Applications

The goal of this proyect is to develop effient resource management methods for overlays on top of wide area networks. We are particularly interesested in the problem mapping a desired virtual topology into an existing physical network while satisfying a set of given constraints. This is what we refer to as the Resource Mapping Problem.

Brief description

The next figure illustrates the main components the mapping:



To run the demos you need a recent version of the Java Runtime Environment and a supported browser. If you have problem running the demos, please refer to the troubleshooting page.


This demo illustrates the process of finding a set of sites that match a desired topology under some constraints. Currently available is the site topology consistent of 296 sites and the delays between these sites.

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Synthetic network topologies generated with BRITE. This synthetic networks very closely resemble the characteristics of the Internet. This demo illustrates the application of our algorithms on a very large network of 2000 nodes created with this tool.

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Incremental updates

This demo illustrates the process of making updates on a mapping. Updates include adding/removing edges and nodes from the virtual network as well as changing their attributes. In many cases updates can be resolved quickly using the information of the previous search.

Note: In this demo, one must first import a complete virtual network (topo-6-10 in the provided examples) and then do updates on this virtual topology (extend-*, remove-* examples). The results will appear in both the mappings and the tree tabs... so please don't close them while doing updates.

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The netEmbed project is supported partially by a number of National Science Foundation grants, including CISE/CSR Award #0720604, ENG/EFRI Award #0735974, CISE/CNS Award #0524477, CNS/NeTS Award #0520166, CNS/ITR Award #0205294, and CISE/EIA RI Award #0202067.
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Jorge Londoño is supported in part by the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and COLCIENCIAS–Instituto Colombiano para el Desarrollo de la Ciencia y la Tecnología “Francisco José de Caldas"

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